Big game in South Africa

Johan is is feeling much better and finally got the energy to edit his photos. Oohhh it was not easy to select 35 out of 1300, but here they are. Enjoy!

Curious Mongoose in Richards Bay

Covid 19 has got to us

Hi everyone! I haven’t been able to do an update because Johan got sick in Covid-19. He is at a hospital in Durban and gets a little better every day! I took a Covid test yesterday and will have the results this afternoon. I have no symptoms and feel good!

Our safari/game drive was faboulous and photos will follow as soon Johan is well enough.

Love to you all, and stay safe! Please use your face mask, it’s much better to breath threw that than getting oxygene at hospital!

Tomorrow we meet the lion king!

According to a swedish say: ”if you wait for something good you can not wait to long”. We must be idiots that once again were isolated on Rubicon and just waited for ”things” to happen. I really think we should win a gold medal in patience!

It took South Africa 36 days to figure out if they wanted our money or not, finally we got the high valued stamps in our passports! 3 months to roam the country. Tomorrow we leave for a game park/safari. Yiehhaaa…

Securité securité, hippo is moving

Still positive thinking!

Nothing happens! We are still not let in by immigration! We have now been waiting for 2 weeks and starting to dispair. We are furious about this because the country is in level 1, that means that you, as a tourist, can come by plane, car or train, only when you arrive by sea they put up this big fat NO NO sign. We have the OCC club and Peter from Cape Town yacht club that try there best, but nothing so far. We have spoken to our embassy and they answer: ”I don’t know how to call, I don’t have the phone number. We can’t help you” Thank you so much!!! Our Australian friends on PitPony got a very different answer from their embassy: ”Yes of course we will help you this is ridiculous. Phone this lawer, if he can’t help you, nobody can.”

So… here we are, in the hands of a bunch of people and still waiting…

We have decided to give it one more week, maybe two then we sail on. Otherwise all is good, one person is allowed to go to the supermarket so we have been doing that, there is water and electricity on the dock, and our barbeque works perfect! We only miss the gamepark and safari!

A fun thing on VHF today: ”Securité, securité, securité. The hippo has just moved to port side of Pelican Island.” Now I certainly now that we are far from home!

Borrowed picture from internet

Dejá vù

Still at quarantine dock!

Here we are… again! They won’t let us into the country!? We are both negative on the Covid19 test they took the other day. Customs and health have been here, it’s only immigration that puts up a big STOP sign! Whats most frustrating is that they check in yachties in Cape Town, but here i Richards bay they refuse.

The problem is that our group of yachties is very small so they don’t have a specific directive for us. They treat us as cargoships. We are allowed to refuel, change crew, reprovision and then we have to leave. Aaarrrgghhh. This is not what we were told when we left Reunion.

We are in South Africa!

My latest blog post was very confusing, i’m sorry for that. Saying yesterday when I ment thursday, using now meaning friday etc etc. I have no excuse more than that I must been very tired when I wrote it.
Almost there! The wind and waves are a little more kind to us, 24+ knots wind and longer intervall between the waves. We didn’t hit the strong aghullas current until we were pretty close to land so we were pointing more than 30 nm north of Richards Bay, little worried to end up in Durban instead 🙂

All in all it’s been a rolly sail with lots of wind from all directions and strenghts. The weather seems to change rapidly in this area. We are grateful for the help we got from our weather gurus Des Cason and Kelvin Killian. This stretch from Reunion to South Africa has been on our minds for a long time, we have heard so many stories about tough weather and horrendous waves. Thank god we made it! Soon we will meet lions and rhinos in some of the game parks, yippiiee!

Not so charming quarantine dock in Richards Bay