Jorden runt på fyra år och 42 dagar

Att segla jorden runt har varit helt otroligt. Det vi har fått uppleva, människor vi mött och situationer som uppstått och måste lösas har gett oss ett fantastiskt minne för livet.

Vi har seglat mer än 40.000 sjömil och nu är detta äventyr slut. Vill du komma och hälsa oss välkomna tillbaka?

Lördag 19e juni kl 12-12.30 glider vi in i Fjällbacka hamn till vår ordinarie plats, det vore jätteroligt om ni vill möta upp. Kontaka Tina som kommer att organisera något enkelt firande (+46768858132)



Spring is here! Beautiful green sceneries and flowers.
We rented bikes from the marina and took a tour along the seaside in Den Helder. In the background you see Lighthouse Lange Jaap.
Unfortunate we are 1 month too late for the tulips, but we found a few anyway!
Canals, bridges and small boats everywhere.
A lot of cafés and restaurants were you are only allowed to sit outside.
Small picturesque allys in Alkmeer.

2 days 6 hours: Brest – Den Helder, Holland

We had a rough start with lots of wind and current. The wind topped at 40 knots and we made amazingly 10 knots over ground for a long time! The current can be very strong in this area and this morning we had 5 knots against us. It’s a weird feeling when you look at your speed over ground and it says 1 knot but thru water we are doing 6 knots! We stand still but still are moving?? Weird. 6 hours later the current turns and we do 7 knots over ground, and actually move forward.

We are about 25nm south of Calais, in the middle of the English Channel, and the wind has disappeared. Very slow and boring to motor. All is good onboard and we hope to be in Holland at Saturday. 2 more very cold nightwatches!

Not much wind. In the far distance you see Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Brest with surroundings

Jerome and Johan: the camera freaks

We took the ferry out to the Island Ouessant. It’s the most western point of France and is situated in the outer archipelago of Brest. Here you can’t avoid the weather! It has many famous lighthouses such as Phare de la Jument.

This area is famous for its many heavy storms!

Rough coast with a lot of dangerous rocks.
Lighthouse = lifeline
Traditional house

Fun fact: Brest was bombed to pieces in World War II. The only thing that survived was the german bunkers.

Day 5/6 Azores-Brest;

We have had a bit of heavy weather, 25-30 knots and quite rough seas. Now it has calmed down a we are sailing nicely but a little slow.
There is a massiv storm system developing south of Ireland and heading to…..Brest! Forecast predicts winds over 50 knots ( for the swedes reading this that is almost 30m/s) The storm is scheduled to arrive in Brest late Thursday and we will seek shelter i Brest and hope to be there late Wednesday afternoon. We don’t want to be at sea in this!
Otherwise nothing special happening and all is good onboard, but the nights are awefully cold!
Next update when we are in Brest!
Position: N46*27 W11*30
DTA Brest: 308nm

Day 4, Azores-Den Helder, Holland

Yesterday we had bad weather with rain, cold and no wind, but today we have nice sailing, wing-wing 6-7 knots speed, clear blue sky and hot water for a shower, everything is good onboard. We are concerned about a new low pressure that looks like it will hit us just outside Brest, but it’s still 4 days ahead, and maybe it disappears? If it doesn’t we might hide in Brest until it blows over. Brest seems to be a vey popular place as every low in the North Atantic is heading there…. Having a convention?
We have dolphins visiting us now and then and the last pod was very playful and jumped and looked like they were having a great time. They always bring a smile to our faces!
Position: N: 44*19 W 17*25
DTA Brest: 589nm
DTA Den Helder: 1089 nm

Day 1 & 2 Azores- Den Helder, Holland

We have had 2 great days of sailing, wing-wing 20 knots of wind and spectacular speeds! 7-8 knots hour after hour. But as always when sailing wing wing: very rolly.
We buddy sailed the first days with friends on a X yacht and today they hailed us on the VHF: At our current speed and course we will hit a storm of Brest in Brittany with wind forecast at + 40 knots. Not nice so we will monitor this closely and may have to slow down to let the depression past.
In the afternoon a large pod of dolphins visited us, they always cheer us up. We also spotted 2 Portugues Men O’ War that “sailed” past us but nothing like the hundreds that passed us on our way to the Azores.
Otherwise: All good on board!
Position: N 41*30 W23*43
DTA: 1386 nm