We have sailed to New Zealand…

… halfway round the world!

First sight of NZ

Our last 12h of sailing was really rough. We had windgusts of 30-35 knots and heavy rain. The sea was moderate but still it was hard to get any sleep.

When we got closer to shore the hole ocean was boiling with birds, fishes and dolphins! We saw the dolphins approaching from a distance, there were at least 50 dolphins in the pod. Thats a great welcoming!

Our clearence and biosecurity here in Marsden Cove Marina, Whangarei was very easy and fast. The bio-guy took our last meals that we had prepared for the passage, looked with a torch at our rice and just looked breifly on the bowl we bought in Galapagos. All our shells and corall we could keep if we promised that they never leave the boat here in NZ. Then he gave us a stamp and sad: welcome! Customs did almost the same, we were very greatful that he ignored all of Johans snuff (15 stocks). They have really naughty taxes on tobacco here. We have heard that they are really strict about a clean hull but nobody inspected the hull, they only asked when we last painted.

Now we have a lot of people to contact, so we can get all our problems solved. The boat really needs some TLC (tender, love & caring). On monday a guy comes and fixes our fridge, on wednesday a rigger and a sailmaker visits us to look at the mainsail and in between we will clean inside and outside and do some washes. Who sad this is only a vacation?

4 tankar om “We have sailed to New Zealand…

  1. Helt fantastiskt, vi följer er resa med spänning och är väldigt imponerade över vad ni genomför.

    Var rädda om er och ladda nu för fortsättningen.

    Kram från Charlotte och Håkan (i Mölnlycke/Fjällbacka)


  2. Congratulations to you two and also to your boat! 👍🎉
    What are your plans in New Zealand? Will you visit the Tuckers there? And all the best for all the repairs and maintenance jobs.
    Greetings from Panama, your JaJapamis

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